Media Methods

Instructor: Mark Taylor

When is it?



Location of class

KMVT 15 studios


Time of Class

600 pm - 930 pm


Software Used



Equipment Used

This will vary depending

on what the subject is that




FREE for members of KMVT

This monthly single session workshop will show you different techniques and skills used in creating professional productions. Each month we will focus on a different set of skills, techniques and tech.


April 7 Workshop: Specialty Cameras and Rigs: 360, Action, and DSLR Cameras


This class will be about cameras with specialty uses. This includes 360 video, action cameras like the GoPro, and DSLR cameras. We will talk about their advantages and disadvantages with respect to a regular video camera and then we will shoot some video with them. Each of these cameras has their own post production process which we will go over as time allows.


Required skills

No skills are needed. An healthy interest and a good attitude is all that is required.


Material to bring

Bringing your own gear is up to you. You are welcome to come and watch or to fully participate. What you will need to bring will vary depending on the subject of the month.


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